Lawsuit Cash Advances

Do I Qualify?

Applying for a lawsuit cash advance is simple, however there are minimum basic requirements that North Beach Funding looks at while reviewing applications for both pre and post settlement advances. The initial qualification standards are referenced below: You must have retained counsel on a contingency-fee basis. That means your counselor agrees to work for you and receives compensation out of the proceeds of the case. If they don't win an award for you from your lawsuit/case, they will not receive compensation.

The litigation process could be extremely long and complex. North Beach Funding's process is simple and short. We understand the importance of quickly meeting our clients’ financial needs. Most decisions are made within 24 hours of receiving all the requested documents from your attorney. We always welcome your inquiries. Call us today at (844) 355-5050 for a confidential, no-obligation evaluation of your case.

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Case Evaluation

Please feel free to provide us with information regarding your case & one of our team members will contact you soon.



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