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Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing home neglect is a breach of the standard of care for nursing home patients that results in harm to the resident. The breach results from negligent actions by the nursing home staff. There are four types of nursing home neglect: Emotional neglect involving the patient being isolated, ignored, or shouted at by staff; personal hygiene neglect involving the lack of assisistance by staff to maintain cleanliness of the patient's clothing, skin, hair, nails, or teeth of the patient; basic needs neglect involving the responsibility of the facility to provide a clean safe environment, adequate food, and clean drinking water to the patient; and medical neglect in which the facility fails to provide medication, medical care, or transfer to a higher level of care for the patient for any medical concern including but not limited to diabetes management, hypertension, infection, and bed sores/pressure ulcers. Warning signs include weight loss, appearance of bed sores/pressure ulcers, injuries from falls, dehydration, changes in behavior, changes in appearance and obviously visible environmental hazards. Damages can include those of a compensatory and punitive nature.

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