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Pharmacy Negligence

Pharmacy negligence involves a lack of reasonable care on the part of pharmacy staff that can result in harm, injury or death to a patient taking the medications prepared or dispensed by the pharmacist or pharmacy technician. Negligence in compounding or reconstituting medications involves the wrong components being mixed into a compounded medication or a reconstituted medication being mixed in the incorrect solution or the contamination of a compounded or reconstituted medication by a pharmacist. Negligence in dispensing medications involves dispensing of an incorrect medication, incorrect dose, or incorrect instructions for the dosage, route, or administration of the medication. Negligence in teaching and counseling involves a pharmacist not adequately ensuring that the patient understands what the medication is, why it is prescribed, proper medication administration, potential interactions with other medications the patient takes including herbal and over the counter remedies, and potential side effects of their medications. Supervision negligence involves the increasing presence of pharmacy technicians who count out or dispense medications that do not require compounding or reconstitution. Pharmacy technicians MUST be supervised at all times by an on-site pharmacist.

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