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Sexual Harassment

Sexul harassment is defined as any unwanted verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature including unwelcome advances and requests for sexual favors that either explicity or implicitly affects the employment of a person, creates a hostile, offensive or intimidating workplace, or negatively impacts a person's work performance. Harassers can be male or female, the same or opposite sex of the victim, and can be in a supervisory or non-supervisory job role in any area of a workplace or even be non-employees of a workplace. Victims include anyone affected by the offensive behavior of the harasser including those who simply overhear or see the harassment, and sexual harassment is unlawful with or without economic injury or loss of employment. Victims should inform harassers that their conduct is not welcome and utilize any means provided by a business to file grievance. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, applicable to any business including state and federal offices that employ at least fifteen employees, prohibits sexual harassment as a form of sexual discrimination and claims are vigorously investigated on the federal level by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as well as a claim being grounds for civil pursuit in a court of law.

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