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Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination involves the dismissal of an employee or the termination of a contract of employment in which the termination violates statutes, employment laws, or breaches the employment contract. Employees do not have to have a formal written employment contract to be eligible to seek restitution for wrongful termination since the employee/employer relationship is clearly delineated by policies and procedures explaining expected standards of behavior and conditions for employment that are provided by the employer to the employee upon date of hire. Simply stated, an employer can not dismiss an employee based on discriminatory reasons, as retaliation for filing federal discrimination claims, for refusing to perform an act that is illegal, or in a manner or for reasons that violate the employer's own termination procedures. There is also a category of constructive dismissal in which the employee feels no alternative exists other than resignation from their job due to unreasonable, unethical, or other conditions imposed by the employer. If wrongful termination is proven the remedies include reinstatement of the employee and/or monetary compensation to the wrongfully terminated employee by the employer.

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